Friday, September 24, 2010

Taxing Something Doesn't Make it More Valuable

From an article in the Wall Street Journal:
Last year, Congress sharply increased the federal excise tax on "little" cigars—filtered, often sweetly favored products that are similar in size and shape to cigarettes.
Sales of products listed as "little" cigars fell by 79%.

The projected increase in tax revenues generated by this tax increase on little cigars was supposed to be used to help finance the expansion of a children's health-insurance program backed by President Barack Obama. But with the decrease in sales, the money just wont be there.

This is just common sense. Taxes create market distortions because those who would otherwise pay the taxes have an opportunity to change their behavior by buying something else (a replacement without the tax- see the story about how consumers have changed their purchasing behavior) or somewhere else where the punitive tax does not apply.

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