Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Articles in Local Papers

There has been a good discussion going on regarding the high school project. Below are links along with comments I have on each story:

Mt Lebanon Officials Say New School Can't Wait

The Co-Chairs of the High School Project Committee weigh in on what they think of the proposal I outlined last week. I clearly don't agree with some of the comments by the other Directors but I was glad to see that the discussion regarding our options is making the rounds in the local papers.

Students Push Board to Renovate High School

Two high school seniors make their voices heard at the Board meeting on Monday night. It is not often that we see students take to the podium and these students ought to be commended for coming out like they did. It's not always easy, especially if you believe that some of the people standing in front of you don't agree with you. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to talk to the reporter regarding this article since it addresses something I did. However, I was not contacted for the story. I would have simply suggested that every option out there addresses the leaky roof.

Mt Lebanon and Steel Valley Pick Presidents

This article chronicles the actions of the Board at our reorganization meeting last week. I had to get something in here that was not related to the High School!

The discussion that we need to have as a community is starting to take shape. It may not be happening behind closed doors in Executive Sessions, and it may not be happening in the Board room at public meetings, but it is finally starting to happen.

Thanks for reading.